Viral photo of man cooking chicken has people freaking out

Chicken is one of the most versatile foods in the grocery store. You can grill it, sauté it, slow cook it, roast it and mix it with just about any type of seasoning — it’s pretty hard to mess up. But, leave it to some guy on the internet to do just that. 

Twitter user @corihealey posted two photos of her boyfriend’s roommate baking chicken with absolutely zero seasoning (not even salt or pepper!) on a baking dish on January 7. “I AM DISTRAUGHT,” she tweeted. 

Since posting, her tweets have garnered a combined 85,000 likes and over 5,200 responses. 

“Pray for him,” one person suggested.

Some stated the obvious issue at hand.

Others brought up valid points…

It made many uneasy.

Some people wondered if the home chef may have had other plans for the chicken beyond the oven, like a stew, chili, dip or anything else that would coat it in sauce and seasoning.

While we may never know what the roommate’s plan was for his chicken dinner, we can only hope he received some new recipes for inspiration


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