Turkish Restaurant Foods Meat Fish Combination And Pizza Recipes

In this video you will see the recipes in the barida hotel http://www.baridahotels.com/ restaurant dishes meat and fish combination I’ve just started a new job
cheddar stuffed potato, tenderloin barbecue, recipe accompanied by Cafe De Paris Sauce
salmon barbecue with pesto sauce
then you can watch the recipe for vegetables and steaks filled with vegetables
tenderloin cafe de paris recipe
marinated with rosemary and olive oil, 2 thick slices of tenderloin
baked spicy potato
 salt, pepper and thyme
Cherry tomato
cheddar cheese
cafe de paris sauce
prepared with butter, onion garlic, mustard, thyme and turmeric
 add cheddar cheese to the thick baked potatoes
Bake 2 pieces of thick tenderloin and add the tomatoes.
create scratches by cutting the surface of the meat with a knife
add cheddar-filled potato on top of bamboo plate
Add 2 steaks and add the cherry tomatoes
add fresh thyme
add dry thyme
Add salt and black pepper
Add and serve hot cafe de paris sauce
Our next recipe is the salmon barbecue with pesto sauce
fresh slices of salmon
pesto sauce, ingredients, basil, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, olive oil
salt black pepper thyme
Parmesan cheese
lemon and cherry tomatoes
roasted eggplant
 add salmon and other ingredients to the barbecue
Add eggplant to the bottom of the fish dish
add baked cherry tomatoes
add thin lemon slices
add fresh thyme
 add parmesan cheese
 serve pesto sauce

 vegetable-filled buttered steak recipe
Finally a pizza will be prepared,
yes now watch and see the details
cook thin slices of steaks on the grill to make a vegetable stuffed steak
brush butter on the surface of cooked meats
sliced ​​mushrooms with green pepper and red pepper
Add sugar-free cream
Add salt and pepper
Prepare 4 slices of triangular bread and warm on the grill
prepare fried apple slice potatoes
 add the bread slices into a wide plate
Prepare tomato sauce or tomato paste sauce
add the sautéed cooked vegetables into the cooked beef
Double fold and close with toothpick
sliced ​​fried potatoes
add hot tomato sauce
Add rosemary and serve

we will prepare a crispy pizza with italy style
mozerella cheese, cheddar cheese, corn, sliced ​​black olives, paprika, green pepper and mushrooms
beef sausage, sausage, salami
flour, salt, sugar, yeast and water to prepare pizza dough with italian pizza sauce
Add mozeralla cheese
sliced ​​salami sausage and beef sausage
add sliced ​​mushrooms
add green pepper paprika and sliced ​​black olives
add boiled corn
Add the grated cheddar cheese and bake for 5 minutes at 300 degrees
you can serve the pizza by dividing it into 4 equal parts

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