Trisha Yearwood’s Chocolate Hazelnut French Toast with Cinnamon Cereal is a Sweetly Surprising Brunch Delight

Trisha Yearwood’s firm belief that a person does not have to deny themselves good food to live a healthier lifestyle is evident in her Food Network series Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. There she demonstrates recipes that are both healthy and indulgent. One of her favorite things to enjoy on a leisurely morning is brunch. Then she will eat food items she may not normally treat herself to during the week. This indulgent Hazelnut French Toast with Cinnamon cereal is a favorite and celebratory way to linger over a meal.

Trisha Yearwood | Food Network/Discovery Press

Trisha Yearwood loves a late breakfast

Yearwood and her husband Garth Brooks are both fans of eating later on the weekends. They enjoy lingering over coffee and enjoying foods they may not eat during a hurried weekday. 

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