This TikTok Recipe Made Duff Goldman Say ‘Holy Toldedo’

Chef Jassim’s Instagram profile shares his love of many different types of cuisine including traditional Arabic, Indian, Italian, and Turkish dishes. Serving an international audience of followers, this innovative cook often has different dishes with an incredibly vibrant red color palette, so red that some followers actually think it’s fake, citing the use of red paint. Food photography, however, is a great way to help highlight dishes that are already naturally colorful, and this chef clearly lets the ingredients shine. Besides that, viewers can see Jassim adding vibrant tomato paste and spices before letting the chicken marinate and bake.

Tandoori spices typically include garam masala, ginger, cumin, garlic, and cayenne pepper, and the dish is known for being a vibrant red color (via Marigold Maison). The redder the dish, the more of the hottest spices are likely used as they soak in during the lengthy marinade process. So those expecting a paler colored tandoor have likely only experienced the less spicy recipes.

When you take this tandoori chicken and slice it off, shawarma-style with crisped edges and then adding cooling tahini sauce, you’ll have something truly special. Suffice to say, we’re as blown away by this innovation as Goldman.

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