Tales Of Vesperia Guide: How To Get All Recipes, Wonder Chef Locations

Are gel costs preventing you from buying other things like weapon and armor in Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition? Then why not make use of the cooking mechanic to keep your party’s wallets as full as their stomachs?

What Is Cooking?

Unlocked early on in Quoi Woods, cooking is exactly what it sounds like — you use ingredients that you find or buy in order to make food for your party to eat, recovering HP/TP or gaining stat buffs in the process.

From there, there are several things to take note of:

  • You can only cook once between battles, regardless of whether the attempt was successful.
  • Up to four different dishes can be selected as shortcuts, allowing you to cook immediately after a battle ends.
  • Any character (except for Repede) can make any dish they want, getting better every time they make it.
  • Each character has their own preferences (Raven doesn’t like desserts, for instance) which dictate whether they’ll get extra benefits from whatever they just ate or only a portion of them.
  • The effectiveness of any given recipe diminishes after repeated use, thus providing incentive to make use of multiple dishes. You know, maintaining a balanced diet and all that.

Beyond all that, the only thing you concern you’ll have is getting more recipes because the first one you get quickly loses effectiveness and provides no additional benefits.

How Do I Get New Recipes?

You have two options if you want to obtain new recipes, either:

  1. Cook a certain dish with a specific character until a new one is unlocked.
  2. Find the Wonder Chef disguised as various objects throughout the game.

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll list the recipes that can be unlocked through these methods before listing all the recipes, ingredients and effects:

Unlockable via Recipe

Recipe Requirement To Unlock
Rice Ball Estelle / Sandwich
Beef Bowl Yuri / Rice Ball
Pork Stew Raven / Beef Bowl
Japanese Stew Judith / Pork Stew
Sukiyaki Judith / Japanese Stew
Omelette Rice Karol / Beef Bowl
Meat Sauce Karol / Omelette Rice
Pudding Yuri / Sorbet
Cake Yuri / Pudding
Sashimi Raven / Salad
Sushi Karol / Sashimi
Scottish Egg Estelle / Fried Chicken and Fries
Okonomiyaki Raven / Scottish Egg
Vegetable Stir Fry Rita / Salad
Soup Noodles Raven / Vegetable Stir Fry
Miso Soup Estelle / Minestrone Soup
Clam Chowder Estelle / Miso Soup
Fruit Parfait Rita / Crepe
Pork Miso Soup Estelle / Vichyssoise
Udon Noodles Hot Pot Yuri / Pork Miso Soup
Tempura Judith / Croquette
Steak Flynn/Salisbury Steak
Beef Stew Flynn/Cream Stew
Fisherman’s Hot Pot Patty/Seafood Bowl


Unlockable via Wonder Chef 

Recipe Location Details
Salisbury Steak Aspio Disguised as a jumping daikon in the bottom left hand corner outside the town’s gates.
Sorbet Capua Nor Disguised as a yellow duck past the inn at the
right of the ticket station.
Fried Chicken and Fries Capua Torim Disguised as a hopping blue fish right next to the lighthouse.
Fish with Miso Sauce Heliord Disguised as a teruteru bouzu doll hanging at the back of the room where Yuri is interrogated in.
Minestrone Soup Dahngrest Disguised as a golden egg directly to the right of the entrance to the Don’s room.
Salad Ghasfarost Disguised as a pinwheel in the middle of the tower where you activate the gears.
Kebab Sandwich Nordopolica Disguised as a jiggling trophy to the right of the entrance inside the
colosseum registration hallway.
Curry Mantaic Disguised as a cactus between two palm trees.
Croquette Yormgen Disguised as a statue inside of the inn between the partitions and the beds.
Cream Stew Myozoro Disguised as an ice cream cone in the southeastern part of the city.
Vichyssoise Nam Cobanda Isle Disguised as a wooden cutout painted with the Wonder Chef outfit behind the ticket exchange Antlionz.
Crepe Aurnion Disguised as a scarecrow in the far east part of town.
Mabo Curry Nordopolica Mabo Curry


Full Recipe List

HP Recovery

Recipe Effect Ingredients Method To Unlock
Sandwich 10% Bread, Egg Default Recipe
Beef Bowl 20%, Cures Poison Beef, Onion, Rice Yuri/Rice Ball
Curry 30% Carrot, Meat, Onion, Potato, Rice Wonder Chef/Mantaic
Cream Stew 40% Carrot, Chicken, Milk, Onion, Potato Wonder Chef: Myozoro
Udon Noodles Hot Pot 50% Egg, Napa Cabbage, Shiitake, Shrimp, Squid, Sticky Flour Yuri/Pork Miso Soup


TP Recovery

Recipe Effect Ingredients Method To Unlock
Sorbet 10% Fruit, Milk Wonder Chef/Capua Nor
Pudding 20% Egg, Milk Yuri/Sorbet
Cake 30% Egg, Milk, Strawberry  Yuri/Pudding
Crepe 40% Banana, Egg, Kiwifruit, Milk Wonder Chef/Aurnion
Fruit Parfait 50% Egg, Fruit, Milk Rita/Crepe


HP and TP Recovery

Recipe Effect Ingredients Method To Unlock
Rice Ball 5% Dried Seaweed, Rice, Salmon Estelle/Sandwich
Omelette Rice 10%, Cures Petrify Egg, Chicken, Onion, Rice Karol/Beef Bowl
Meat Sauce 15%, Cures all negative status effects Onion, Pork, Sticky Flour, Tomato Karol/Omelette Rice
Mabo Curry 20%, Revives from K.O. Onion, Potato, Rice, Tofu, Tomato Wonder Chef/Nordopolica


Attack Bonus

Recipe Effect Ingredients Method To Unlock
Salisbury Steak 3%, 5% HP Beef, Egg, Onion Wonder Chef/Aspio
Pork Stew 5%, 5% HP Kelp, Pork, Radish Raven/Beef Bowl
Kebab Sandwich 7%, 5% HP Bread, Beef, Lettuce, Tomato Wonder Chef/Nordopolica
Steak 10%, 5% HP Beef, Potato Flynn/Salisbury Steak
Sukiyaki 15%, 5% HP Beef, Napa Cabbage, Shiitake, Tofu, Egg Judith/Japanese Stew


Defense Boost

Recipe Effect Ingredients Method To Unlock
Fish With Miso Sauce 5%, 5% HP Rice, Mackerel, Miso Wonder Chef/Heliord
Sashimi 10%, 5% HP Tuna, Mackerel, Salmon, Scallop, Squid Raven/Salad
Seafood Bowl 15%, 5% HP Rice, Tuna, Salmon, Scallop, Shrimp, Cucumber Woman Near Inn/Capua Torim
Fisherman’s Hot Pot 20%, 5% HP Salmon, Cabbage, Onion, Carrot, Shiitake, Miso Patty/Seafood Bowl
Sushi 25%, 5% HP Rice, Fish, Dried Seaweed, Kelp Karol/Sashimi


Magic Boost

Recipe Effect Ingredients Method To Unlock
Fried Chicken And Fries 10%, 5% HP Chicken, Potato Wonder Chef/Capua Torim
Scottish Egg 20%, 5% HP Meat, Egg, Tomato Estelle/Fried Chicken And Fries
Croquette 30%, 5% HP Meat, Potato, Onion Wonder Chef/Yormgen
Okonomiyaki 40%, 5% HP Meat, Sticky Flour, Egg, Shrimp, Squid, Cabbage Raven/Scottish Egg
Tempura 50%, 5% HP Vegetable, Sticky Flour, Shrimp, Squid, Egg, Chicken Judith/Croquette


Magic Defense Boost

Recipe Effect Ingredients Method To Unlock
Minestrone Soup 20%, 5% HP Onion, Tomato Wonder Chef/Dahngrest
Miso Soup 40%, 5% HP Tofu, Onion, Miso Estelle/Minestrone Soup
Clam Chowder 60%, 5% HP Onion, Scallop, Potato Estelle/Miso Soup
Vichyssoise 80%, 5% HP Sticky Flour, Milk, Potato Wonder Chef/Nam Codanda
Pork Miso Soup 100%, 5% HP Pork, Tofu, Carrot, Miso Estelle/Vichyssoise


Speed Boost

Recipe Effect Ingredients Method To Unlock
Salad 2000, 5% HP Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber Wonder Chef/Ghasfarost
Japanese Stew 2200, 5% HP Radish, Squid, Kelp Judith/Pork Stew
Vegetable Stir Fry 2400, 5% HP Meat, Cabbage, Onion, Carrot Rita/Salad
Beef Stew 2600, 5% HP Beef, Onion, Carrot, Potato Flynn/Cream Stew
Soup Noodles 2800, 5% HP Sticky Flour, Pork, Cabbage, Onion, Carrot Raven/Vegetable Stir Fry


Dog Food

Recipe Effect Ingredient Method To Unlock
Dog Food 1% HP/TP, Humor, Shame Any Repede/All


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