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Legendary Actor Hal Williams has done it all in his long and flourishing career. He’s best known for iconic television series such as 227The Waltons, and Sanford and Son, among others, but has well over 100 combined film & television credits to his name. He is also a terrific cook and loves spending time crafting and honing new recipes – he is currently writing both a cookbook and his memoir.



Below is a glimpse of milestone anniversaries his past projects are celebrating this year featuring some of his most of his beloved roles. As he’s also appeared on shows including Parks 7 Recreation, The Dukes of Hazzard, Gunsmoke and Hill St. Blues):

  • 227: first aired September 14, 1985 – May 6, 1990 (37th Anniversary since original air date; 32nd anniversary of last show)
  • Private Benjamin: 1980 Film – 42nd Anniversary
  • Private Benjamin TV series: first aired April 6, 1981 – January 10, 1983 (41st anniversary since original air date; 39th anniversary of last show)
  • The Waltons: first aired September 14, 1972 – June 4, 1981 (50th Anniversary since original air date; 41st anniversary of last show)
  • Sanford and Son: first aired January 14, 1972 – March 25, 1977 (50th Anniversary since original air date; 45th anniversary of last show)
  • Sanford: March 15, 1980 – July 10, 1981 (42nd Anniversary since original air date; 41st anniversary of last show)
  • Harry O: September 12, 1974 – April 29, 1976 (48th Anniversary since original air date; 46th anniversary of last show)
  • Kung Fu (original series):  October 14, 1972 – April 26, 1975 (50th Anniversary since original air date; 47th anniversary of last show)
  • On the Rocks: September 11, 1975 – May 17, 1976 ( 47th Anniversary since original air date; 46th anniversary of last show)
  • The Sinbad Show: September 16, 1993 – April 21, 1994 (29th Anniversary since original air date; 28th anniversary of last show)



We got a chance to speak with legendary Actor Hal Williams to discuss the anniversary of The Waltons, 227, The Sinbad Show, his upcoming cookbook and what spectators should expect, favorite memory with Nancy Wilson, his favorite Jazz album + much more. Get into the interview audio below.

Interview Highlights:

How’s Life Going.

Favorite TV Shows.

Anniversary Of ‘The Waltons’ & ‘227’

His Very First Filming Of ‘The Waltons’

Being Apart Of The National Black Theatre Festival in North Carolina

First Hip-Hop Album He Ever Heard.

Favorite Jazz Album.

Favorite Memory With Nancy Wilson.

His Cookbook & What Spectator Should Expect.

How Important It Is For The Younger Generation To Vote November 8th.

Name One Song That Describes His Life.

What RESPECT. Means To Him.



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