I come from a local San Diego fishing family and fresh fish is never more than a call away between all the charters, sport boat captains, and local fishing friends. Having fresh seafood around is a huge luxury that we never take for granted but it’s always nice to keep things fresh and add new recipes to our repertoire.

Husband with the goods.

Recently my husband went to British Columbia on a surfing/ fishing trip and brought home some beautiful Spring Salmon. Never heard of Spring Salmon? Well I hadn’t either. Turns out that in the area around Vancouver Island, Spring Salmon is what Chinook or King Salmon is referred to as. Salmon is a special treat for us in our family, as it’s not a species that is available through our local fishery in the Southern California Bight. This recipe is one that is applicable to several species, but for me it’s especially lovely with Salmon. 

There are two main components for this recipe and that’s the cooking of the salmon and then the sauce.

Below are the ingredients that you’ll need for this recipe:

Salmon on its own is such a delicious fish and not too much has to be done to make it a stand-out dish. For me, it’s more about the textures since the flavor is so prevalent. I like to make sure the salmon is a little crispy on the outside so that it compliments the tender meat of the fish and as far as the sauce goes it adds that extra acidity that makes all the flavors pop.

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