Receptionist In Orange County Salary

2 p.m. — B. is home from work and goes to take a nap with the cats, so I head out to Sprouts for a few groceries. We’re going to a friend’s murder mystery party tonight for New Year’s Eve, so I grab a few of the ready-made fettuccine Alfredo to-go boxes for my contribution to the potluck. I also grab avocados, bananas, a bag of linguini, a can of marinara sauce, a can of Alfredo sauce, two bags of frozen orange chicken, and a carton of eggs. At checkout, I see a Sprouts chapstick in a mango and coconut flavor. I figure I should get it to keep in my new purse (each purse has its own resident chapstick, as well as my car, my living room coffee table, and my desk at work). Sprouts also does this thing where they make a goodie bag of essentials to hand out to homeless people, so I buy one of those too. It’s a little expensive for a market-donation thing, but I’m in a festive, giving mood. $56.35

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