Queen Elizabeth II’s Former Chef Speaks On Working For The Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth’s former chef has revealed what it was like working for the monarch and some of the specific rules he followed while cooking for the Queen.

Darren McGrady has cooked for the Queen along with several members of her family, including Prince Harry, King Charles III and Princess Diana — he worked in the Royal kitchens from 1988 to 1993.

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The chef says the Queen wasn’t particularly experimental with her eating so would require an explanation of any new recipes that were going to be on the menu.

Staff members were told to submit the full recipe for her meals in a red binder which would then be taken to the Queen for her approval.

However, when McGrady tried to inspire the sovereign to try something new, she wasn’t too impressed. 

Queen Elizabeth’s former chef revealed she once had some interesting feedback about his cooking.

In a YouTube video originally posted before the Queen’s September 8 passing, McGrady explained that he once tried to introduce a new recipe while cooking for the Queen.

At the time, Queen Elizabeth was staying at Balmoral Castle, her Scottish home which McGrady says is home to a garden of strawberries that he wanted to include in a dessert called Veiled Farmer’s Daughter.

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