Patti LaBelle’s Granddaughter Gia Resembles Grandma as She Shows Braids with Colorful Hair Beads

Remember Gia Edwards, Patti LaBelle’s look-alike granddaughter who had an affinity for her music as a toddler? She is growing exponentially and is now a toddler; get to know her. 

Patti LaBelle wears many titles comfortably; she is a famous singer and excellent pastry chef; however, her favorite titles include “grandmother.” 

Make that “doting grandmother” because she spends an insane amount of time in the company of her granddaughters Gia and Leyla. 

Patti LaBelle performing at the 2017 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. | Photo: Getty Images

Gia came along first which means she has spent the most time with her grandmother. In that time, Patti grew so fond of the tot; she would post pictures of her dressed sharply on her Instagram page. 

After seeing how much fans appeared to like the photos, an Instagram page was created in her name; it holds tonnes of pictures that feature Gia and boasts of more than seven thousand followers. 

One of the most recent posts on the page was a picture of young Gia seated on a raised cushioned platform located in a public space. She looked calm as she flashed a smile for the camera. 

Gia wore a white t-shirt that had the famous Nike logo printed across it in front for the shoot. Her hair was braided and styled with colorful beads, and she had on bright pants complimented by the pair of white sneakers she also wore. 

Her fans reacted positively to the shot; those who commented on the shot expressed surprise at how fast Gia seems to be growing. Meet her. 


Gia was welcomed by Patti’s son Zuri Edwards and his wife, Lona. Since her arrival, she has kept her family wrapped around her little pinkie. 

Rather than try out the dating pool again, Patti is more particular about spending time with her family.

Patti was one of the first to fall for the tot’s charms and would often sing to her in the past. One of her songs Gia came to love is titled “Lady Marmalade.” 

The little girl seems to have her granny’s music genes and Patti suspects that she may go into entertainment with the amount of passion she seems to have for the stage. 


After her birth, Patti quickly became a steady fixture in her granddaughter’s life, happily taking her places and doting over her. Gia did not mind getting dawned over, so she went along with it. 

Imagine how excited Patti was when she learned she would become a grandmother again with the birth of Zuri’s second child Leyla.

The two sisters can arguably be considered as the apples of Patti’s eyes; her love for them makes the famous singer let them get away with almost everything. 

She even allows them to help out in the kitchen, where they try out new recipes. It is not entirely one way, as she educates them on the art of cooking; they, in turn, teach her about gadgets because she is still a bit old-fashioned — she still uses a flip phone. 

Patti’s relationship with her family is so complete that she has declared in recent days that she is no longer interested in dating at her ripe age of 77. 

The R&B legend has been living the single life since her separation from her former husband, Armstead Edwards, in the year 2000 after more than three decades of marriage. 

Rather than try out the dating pool again, Patti is more particular about spending time with her family and friends. She also has a dog named Cuddles, who is always within reach on lonely nights. 

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