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Last year, the job search engine Indeed paired up with One Piece for a commercial. The ad starred the Straw Hat Pirates as they sing a little sea shanty about Indeed’s site while staring out at the stormy sea. Arguably the most memorable thing about it was that it cast an actual reindeer as Chopper.

After the launch of that initial ad, the Indeed web site listed a job for “Chopper’s assistant”, who will recreate the Hiriluk’s cherry blossoms in Tokyo as they appeared in episode 86 of the anime series. The volunteers would work one day between February 14-17. The event actually happened and collaboration staff took the opportunity to get footage for another Indeed ad.

About 100 people met the qualifications to be a “Chopper Assistant” and helped with the lighting during the Hiriluk’s cherry blossoms event on February 14 in Roppongi, Tokyo. The temporary workers dressed as Sakura Kingdom doctors and worked hard to please attendees. Actress Mari Natsuki was also present and took on the role of Chopper’s mentor Dr. Kureha.

Other One Piece job listings from Indeed include a “person who is slashed by Zoro,” “Gesoking”, Sanji needs a cooking assistant to help come up with new recipes, and Nami needs a suitable navigator to predict the weather in Jamaica’s capital city of Kingston.

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