Healthy Diet Veggie Recipes Burdock Root New

This video is a new cooking method of Healthy Diet Recipes. New Japanese Kinpira Gobo, Burdock roots recipe. I have other video talking about why new recipe I put this here, and old youtube video. I discover that I do not need to peel the skin and leave in the water after cut gobo. Burdock roots have lots of fibers, and there are delicious vegetables. It is a new way of cooking, and this is authentic Japanese vegetables but not popular in the western world. Yuri teaches how to prepare gobo roots and how to cook, and it is even easy cooking than before. This side dish is very good with rice. Great for Japanese style lunch in the bento box.
Cooking Start at 2;24.

1 Gobo
1 Carrots
2tbs sesame
1 dried chili pepper
1TBS & 1tsp Soy sauce
4tbs sake
1tbs mirin
1tsp sesame seeds


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