Doc starts YouTube channel to share healthy recipes for children


“Food not only gives nutrition but also helps fight many diseases. Many diseases can be avoided if you have a proper wholesome nutritious diet. If you can prevent obesity in children, you can also prevent increased cholesterol levels, increased sugar levels, and increased blood pressure. Today, children who are just seven or eight years old are getting many lifestyle diseases. If your child doesn’t have enough nutrition, he/she is prone to so many diseases. If your child is healthy and his/her immune system is at an optimal level, they can fight many diseases. A properly balanced meal is not only needed for adults but for children also. Make sure your child is having one vegetable and one fruit per day,” Dr Nithya Franklyn starts the conversation.

                                                              Dr Nithya Franklyn

Nithya has always been passionate about cooking and that is one of the reasons she launched her YouTube channel Dr Nithya’s Kitchen. “Cooking is a great stressbuster for me. Not just trying new recipes, I also love reading about food and cooking. I believe that if you go in-depth about the food of a particular region you will get to know the history, culture and geography. Reading about various cuisines and food preparations gives you a great understanding of our food culture. My family and friends used to tell me that I cook well. They also encouraged me to start the channel,” she adds.

Being a paediatrician, the doctor says that her duty also includes educating and guiding parents about what food can be given to their children. “Parents, these days, have a lot of concern about food. In the videos, I talk about recipes for adults and children as well. Also, whenever I share recipes, I give an introduction about the history of the food, why is it nutritious and how to cook it. I also discuss food fads because many parents blindly follow whatever they read on the internet,” she sums up.

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