Best Food Network Shows That Are Still On Air, Ranked

Food Network is well-known for its diversity of cooking and baking shows, entertaining people with its wide array of iron chefs, everyday cooks from around the world, and some celebrity appearances too. There are always new shows coming to the network — some teach us the culinary arts, many are cooking competition shows, and a variety of others all simply showcase food and the people who cook it.

There are a few shows, however, that are so popular, they seem to have no end in sight. Some shows can and continue to keep drawing audiences back for years on end to see whatever new competition or recipe is waiting for them. Some of these shows are popular enough that Food Network will continue to re-run old episodes, knowing people will still be interested to sit and watch through them if they turn to the channel. Whether new or old, however, they’re certain to draw your interest.


8 Girl Meets Farm

Cookbook author Molly Yeh hosts Girl Meets Farm, a show that has been airing since 2018. Over eleven seasons have aired since then, almost all filmed at her farm on the Minnesota-North Dakota border. Enjoy watching her cooking full farm meals inspired by Midwestern foods, while also often using her Jewish and Chinese heritage to influence them. Whether you’re looking to try and learn some new tips and tricks to help your own cooking, looking for new recipes to try, or just want to sit back and relax and enjoy watching someone make a home-cooked meal, it’s a show for everyone.

7 The Pioneer Woman

Another cooking recipe show, The Pioneer Woman, is hosted by Ree Drummond. The title comes from her blog, which features details about her life as well as many recipes, including those she makes on her show. Set mostly on her ranch in Oklahoma, Drummond takes you through each step of her recipes as she cooks them for her family and friends, who then get to enjoy the home cooked meals or desserts she’s just made. If you’d like to see how easy or difficult one of her recipes is before you make it, or just want visual help and you watch it as you cook too, there’s a lot to enjoy.

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6 The Kitchen

If you like talk shows, and you like cooking, then The Kitchen is for you. This cooking-themed talk show has been around since 2014, and has continued on steadily through 30 seasons. Several chefs host the show, but chefs Sunny Anderson and Jeff Mauro are the most recurring. Other chefs that join them are Katie Lee, Geoffrey Zakarian, and Alex Guarnaschelli. Chef Marcela Valladolid was also a host for several years before leaving to spend more time with family. The show runs like a normal talk show, the chefs talking about many different topics as they all sit in a kitchen and cook a meal to enjoy together. It’s a fun show to sit around and relax to.

5 Supermarket Stakeout

Supermarket Stakeout is a cooking competition show with a unique premise. Hosted by Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, four chefs compete head-to-head in the parking lot of a supermarket. A small kitchen area is set up for each of them in the open air, and they’re each given $500 to buy the groceries needed for each round’s theme.

The catch is that they can’t shop in the store: they can only buy groceries off of people coming out of the store, if they’re willing to sell what they bought and shop again. Watch as these trained chefs have to be resourceful and work with ingredients they’ve never worked with before, including pulling apart pre-cooked meals to take some of their ingredients and toss out the rest. It’s full of interesting meals and surprises in each episode.

4 Guy’s Grocery Games

Perhaps one of the most famous Food Network stars is Guy Fieri, who hosts a multitude of shows, including Guy’s Grocery Games. This competition cooking show started in 2013 and has run for 30 seasons so far. It is filmed on a set made to look like a real grocery store. Four chefs, sometimes from around the world, sometimes iron chefs who are often judges or hosts of their own shows, compete head-to-head in their kitchens, running up and down the aisles of the supermarket to find the ingredients they need.

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Often, the rounds will have strange twists, or some kind of mini-game the chefs will play to pick themes or ingredients they have to use. It’s a fun competition show, and perhaps one of the few ones that doesn’t outright give the winner their money and still makes them go through one last mini-game to try and get it all.

3 Beat Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay, an Iron Chef from the American version, has a competition show dedicated to showcasing his skills as other everyday chefs attempt to win against him in Beat Bobby Flay. The show has been around since 2013, and Flay has been facing the competitors for 30 seasons. It consists of two rounds: in round one, two other chefs that know Flay have found competitors that they think have what it takes to beat him.

These two competitors go head-to-head in the first round, where their dishes are judged and one is ultimately picked to cook against Flay for a panel of judges doing a blind tasting. The chef gets to pick what they want to cook too, getting the opportunity to make their best works, and sometimes throw Flay for a loop too. He’s had his fair share of both wins and losses, and it’s no doubt one of the most popular competition shows.

2 Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is, perhaps, one of the most infamous Food Network shows in existence; people either love or absolutely despise Guy Fieri, and fans adore the local restaurants he visits while others critique them as monotonous and even disgusting. It might be one of the longest-running series on the channel as well, having started in 2006 for a total of 42 seasons to date. Fieri hosts the show, traveling across America and visiting restaurants to showcase. These are often hometown restaurants that aren’t chains and aren’t fancy, so that only those who live nearby might know about them.

Many of them are often extremely popular in their community for something they do, though, and some of them even have food competitions that Fieri ends up trying. He showcases the restaurant, the various foods they sell, and even spends some time in their kitchen seeing how they make the foods they’re known for. If you’re looking for a new place to visit near you, or just want to see some of what’s out there and maybe make a trip yourself, you should definitely check it out.

1 Chopped

There’s no doubt that Chopped is one of the biggest shows on Food Network. Since 2009, Ted Allen has hosted 52 seasons of the competition show, which features new chefs every episode that have to prepare a three-course meal over the course of three rounds. Of course, not everything is as it seems, as each round they are provided with ingredients they have to use in their dish. This could range from conventional foods such as any fruit or vegetable, to more unconventional foods, like bags of chips or candies. No two rounds or episodes are alike, and with different ingredients each time, there’s a lot of challenge and a lot of varying dishes to see the competitors make. It’s a show with endless opportunities that seems likely to not end any time soon.

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