App of the Day—Kitchen Stories

There may be as many cooking apps to choose from as there are any other category. Most do the same thing: meal ideas, shopping lists and step-by-step directions.

Kitchen Stories is a cooking and recipe app that’s a little different. First up, it’s a very clean app. No ads popping up on the screen, lots of quality pictures and videos. You can search by dish, by meal or by occasion. And there are lots of recipes and a very active community.

I found a recipe for a pumpkin pasta dish, complete with a step-by-step video of the correct way to cut a pumpkin for cooking. The list of ingredients can go onto a shopping list with just a tap of the screen. Also helpful are the comments and photos from other Kitchen Stories users who’ve fixed it. There was one yummy photo after the next and comments from over 100 people who’ve baked it.

The recipes themselves are not in video format which is actually helpful. Each step has a descriptive photo and directions. New recipes are loaded every day. And you can add your own recipes for others to try.

Kitchen Stories is a free app for iPhones and Android devices. it was recently named as an Editors Choice app in the Google Play Store and an Apple design winner.

If you’re hungry for a new recipe app, this is a good one for the menu.

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