41 Best Healthy Dessert Recipes

The words “healthy” and “dessert” aren’t often uttered in the same sentence, but there isn’t a written rule that desserts can’t be part of a balanced meal. The lightest desserts pare down on all the extra sugar and dairy you find in overly sweet treats, but they still taste downright delightful. Tucking into a slice of cake or pie (or even a bowl of creamy mousse!) feels great when you know you’ve swapped carb-heavy ingredients for healthy fruits and veggies that can be naturally sweet all on their own.

Don’t be fooled! Our favorite desserts taste decadent but are not loaded with sugar. Enjoy a frozen treat or a freshly made sorbet, using fruits like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, pineapple and watermelon. Using fun popsicle molds is a great way to create fun desserts for the whole family; but you can also simply grab a bowl and use your freezer to make DIY ice cream on the fly. How do you sneak veggies into dessert, you might wonder? In pies and cakes, of course, as fresh produce like beets can help add a nutritious punch to any batter.

Follow up your healthy weeknight dinner with one of these good-for-you dessert recipes. Some of these dessert ideas are vegan-approved, nearly all are low in sugar (maybe even sugar free!), and a few are designed to fit into trendy diets like Whole30, paleo and the keto diet as well. Supercharge your favorite sweet treats with these nutritious dessert recipes.

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