10 Devil Fruits That Would Be Perfect For Sanji In One Piece

Not many anime can last more than two decades, but One Piece has achieved this feat, and it is still one of the world’s most popular series. At its core, One Piece follows the Straw Hat Pirates, who travel the Grand Line in order to make Luffy the new Pirate King. Sanji was the 4th person to join the crew, and aside from being one of their best fighters, he serves as their cook.

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One Piece fans have seen countless Devil Fruits over the years, whether they be Paramecia, Zoan, or Logia in nature. It is true that there are a number of terrible Devil Fruits, but each power is useful in its own way. Sanji does not have a Devil Fruit power, but there are a few that would suit him rather well.

10 The Glint-Glint Fruit Would Make Sanji’s Kicks Unblockable

As an Admiral, Kizaru is one of the World Government’s greatest weapons. He ate the Glint-Glint Fruit, a Logia which allows him to create and transform into light. He can move at the speed of light, and he can fire laser beams from his fingers.

When Kizaru uses a light-infused kick, the attack moves so unbelievably fast that his opponent has virtually no time to react. Sanji specializes in kicks, and if he had this power, no one would be able to block his attacks.

9 Urouge’s Unnamed Power Would Let Him Covert Damage Into Physical Strength

Urouge has barely appeared in the series, but he is still one of the strongest members of the Worst Generation. He ate a still unnamed Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which allows him to covert any damage he has received into physical strength.

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Sanji’s kicks are already pretty strong, but this power would make them exceptionally stronger, especially if they are infused with Haki. It is true that this power requires him to get hit a lot, but Sanji tends to get beaten up quite a bit during prolonged fights, so it works out.

8 The Spring-Spring Fruit Would Enhance His Speed & Agility

The Spring-Spring Fruit is a Devil Fruit that would be pretty useless in real life, but Sanji would be able to make good use of it. This Paramecia allows its user to turn their limbs into springs, which gives them impressive jumping and bouncing power.

If Sanji were to use this power to turn his legs into springs, he would gain a great deal of speed and agility during combat. If he is able to build enough momentum, his kicks would be able to do much more damage.

7 The Glare-Glare Fruit Would Let Him Know If Someone Reciprocates His Feelings

The Glare-Glare Fruit is a Paramecia that would be very useful in real life because it allows its user to see through everything. The user can even see inside another person’s mind, to the point that they can see someone’s memories. They can also tell if someone is lying.

This may not sound like the kind of power Sanji would want, but he would like it. Sanji loves women, and he was devastated when he overheard Pudding explaining how she was going to kill him during their wedding. With this Fruit, Sanji would know if a woman truly reciprocated his feelings.

6 The Pocket-Pocket Fruit Would Allow Him To Cook Anywhere

Whitebeard was arguably the strongest Emperor of his time, and his commanders were all strong as well. Blamenco commanded the 6th division, and he ate the Pocket-Pocket Fruit, which gives him the ability to create pockets in his body.

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These pockets can be used to store a variety of objects within the user’s body, including large objects. As a cook, Sanji can make good use of this power by using the pockets to store food and cooking supplies in his body. This would allow him to feed his crew wherever they are.

5 The Butter-Butter Fruit Can Be Used For More Than Cooking

Charlotte Galette is Big Mom’s 42nd child, and she ate the Butter-Butter Fruit. As its name suggests, this Paramecia allows Galette to produce and control butter, and it seems as though she can produce a limitless supply.

Butter is a pretty common cooking ingredient, and if Sanji had this power, it would help him during meal preparation. The butter produced by this Fruit is surprisingly sticky, and it can be used to immobilize an enemy by restraining their hands and body, so he could use it in battle too.

4 The Barrier-Barrier Would Allow Him To Protect His Crewmates

Sanji hates when women get hurt, and he often goes out of his way to protect them. This is especially true for Nami and Robin, which is understandable since they’re his crewmates. If he had the Barrier-Barrier Fruit, he would be able to protect them and others more effectively.

This Paramecia allows its user to produce barriers. The barriers often look like large panes of glass, but they can withstand a great deal of damage. If he had this power, he would use it to protect his female crewmates from both ranged and melee attacks.

3 The Telekinetic Aspect Of The Float-Float Fruit Would Be Helpful While Cooking Large Meals

Shiki was one of Gol D. Roger’s greatest rivals, which means that he was close to him in terms of strength. He ate the Float-Float Fruit, which gives its user the ability to levitate. Sanji can already do this though, as he can use the Geppo technique to jump off air.

This Fruit also gives the user the ability to levitate other objects, and they can then control their movements through a form of telekinesis. With this power, Sanji would be able to chop, sear, heat, tenderize, and/or garnish multiple dishes at once, which would be helpful when cooking large meals.

2 Sanji Would Make Good Use Of The Clear-Clear Fruit’s Invisibility

Both Absalom and Shiryu have shown that the Clear-Clear Fruit is one of the most versatile Devil Fruits in One Piece. It allows the user to turn their entire body invisible, and the user can make anything they are touching invisible as well.

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Sanji may be chivalrous, but he can be perverse too. In fact, this is the only Devil Fruit that Sanji openly admitted he wanted to eat, and he has said that he would use its power to peep on women without being seen.

1 The Cook-Cook Fruit Is Perfect For Any Chef

Big Mom may have not been the smartest Emperor, but she was smart enough to keep Streusen around as her chef. He ate the Cook-Cook Fruit, which allowed him to turn any object into edible food. If he wanted to, he could turn a log into a delicious slab of meat.

As a chef, this is the perfect Devil Fruit for Sanji to have because it would ensure that none of his friends would go hungry. It would also allow him to experiment with new recipes and flavors, Like all chefs, Sanji’s dream is to find the All Blue, which is rich in resources. If he did find it, and he possessed this power, he would be the world’s greatest chef.

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