10 Best AA Games Of All Time, Ranked

An AA or Double-A game can usually be found as a middle-of-the-market video game entry. It’s mid-budget and isn’t always developed by the biggest studios around, which is a right reserved for the AAA or Triple-A titles. Regardless of its size, the elements players look for in a release remain the same.

The mechanics, the graphics, the intuitive design, the storytelling, and of course the voice acting, all play a part in bringing a brilliant game to life. These AA games have become standouts because of those features and many more and should be revisited by players today as they are often overlooked.


10 Cuphead (2017)

For the most part, Cuphead was never supposed to be the success that it has become. The throwback, retro, platformer is a perfect way to reinvent the genre, while also paying homage to what came before. With a vibrant art style and genuinely difficult challenges, there’s a huge depth to the game for audiences to get stuck into.

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Developed by Studio MDHR, it’s easy to see this as an indie game at first glance, but it has risen far beyond that. The size of Cuphead is so big that there’s even a Netflix show featuring the iconic characters, alongside plenty of recent DLC which has only elevated the cartoon hit.

9 Overcooked 2 (2018)

While Cuphead may be a little too challenging for those who are likely to get frustrated with the concept, Overcooked 2 offers up just as fun an experience, but with a lot more whimsical chaos. It’s also a great co-op game, with multiple players helping out around the kitchen.

It’s fast-paced, and each level offers up something unique to overcome, as new recipes are added to the table. It improves massively on the original installment, and boasts some genuinely innovative mechanics to get the restaurant in working order. As party games go, this Team17 title is a favorite.

8 Psychonauts 2 (2021)

While the original iteration of this franchise can actually be revisited on modern consoles, it’s the recent release of Psychonauts 2 which has allowed this AA brand to step it up a gear. From a design perspective, there are very few games out there that can match the vibrancy of this one.

Developed by Double Fine, the psychic plot will take a surprising turn, as fans learn that this platformer isn’t all about the stunning gameplay mechanics that have been built using Unreal Engine. The quality of the comedy writing cannot be overstated either.

7 It Takes 2 (2021)

When looking at co-op games, none have quite interested audiences in recent years like It Takes 2. It’s completely whimsical in its animation style and the puzzles that people can solve together allows the genre to be flipped on its head and reimagined.

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Hazelight Studios has ensured that the entire AA game is absolutely enhanced to work within a co-op setting. That is really important, as it means that particular element isn’t an afterthought to the developer or EA. But the action-adventure elements certainly aren’t sidetracked in this fast-paced affair.

6 State Of Decay (2013)

There’s a lot to love about State of Decay and its successive spinoffs and sequels. For starters, the depth of the open world in which this narrative is set is really impressive for an AA game. Secondly, who doesn’t love to be firmly placed in the middle of a zombie apocalypse?

There are some great zombie survival titles on the market right now, but the mid-budget Undead Labs State of Decay has managed to set itself apart with the great graphics and intuitive controls; plus storytelling on every level of the adventure. It goes hard on the horror too, meaning there’s a little something for everyone.

5 Life Is Strange (2015)

Square Enix has always allowed its international studios to experiment with its narrative opportunities and Life is Strange was born from that very idea. The story-based adventure game is largely graphic in its interpretation and was released in various episodes.

That’s such a fun idea and plays into the genre well, with the first installment running over five different entries. With the lead able to rewind time, that particular story mechanic adds a lot more to play around with. The success of the first title has been followed by plenty of sequels and even comic spinoffs demonstrating its wide-ranging appeal.

4 A Way Out (2018)

Hazelight Studios and EA also partnered on A Way Out. The game is all about perspectives with the players controlling two criminals as they attempt to break out of prison and right the wrongs of their past. It’s a crime-led mystery piece with a difference. It has to be played in co-op.

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There’s no solo features available here, but the decisions the players make throughout the game make a real difference towards the end of the story. Although the general premise is relatively dark, the script is still witty, with the interactions between these characters bringing the whole concept to life.

3 SOMA (2015)

SOMA was developed by the incredibly talented team at Frictional Games. For those looking for a fright night, look no further, as this horror-fuelled nightmare of a narrative truly does pack a punch. It’s a survival game, but not with a traditional premise.

The protagonist is actually making their way through a research facility deep in the Atlantic Ocean, which contains all manner of dangers to overcome. It’s perfect on any platform available and the exploration component as the player discovers the history of their unfortunate destination adds a real sense of foreboding.

2 Hades (2018)

There is a range of hand-drawn stylized titles out there, but Hades is still one of the most gorgeous. Drawing from ancient Greek mythology, there’s an interesting set of gameplay components here, including the idea that death sends the protagonist back to the underworld.

Developed by a range of superb studios including Supergiant Games, Private Division and Take-Two Interactive, the dungeon-crawler includes such an imaginative array of enemies to battle through but also provides audiences with a rewarding story to be compelled by. There are very few faults with the title.

1 Sifu (2022)

2022’s Sifu is very new, but it immediately cemented itself as being something special. The fact that the lead character ages every time the player dies adds some real stakes to the adventure, while also forcing the gamer to take note of their decisions.

It’s a great martial arts title in its own right, with the backdrop of China becoming such a rich location to set this beat ’em-up in. Sloclap, Microids, and Kepler Interactive have contributed to a game that isn’t likely to be forgotten soon, as the brisk but punchy release ticks every box for an AA entry.

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